Tibi Moravcik

body movement consultant

I am analysing relevant aspects of movement, and integrate them into one holistic picture.
I synergise knowledge from Martial Arts, Dance, Physiotherapy, Chi Kung and many other sources…

Tibi is teaching at camp in Greece

Co-creator of Veda
Instructor of Russian Systema
Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu
Physio & Massage Therapist
Pravilo therapist
Karate Champion of Slovakia, 2002
Kick Boxing Champion of Slovakia, 2000

Russian Systema

After a longer period of observation, I started learning Russian Systema. This system teaches how to cope with stress, calm down, deal with pain & shock. To be smooth & relaxed. I am proud to be a certified instructor by master Vladimir Vasiliev. I had a privilege to learn also from master Mikhail Rybko,

Cossack’s tradition

Modern Systema comes from Cossack’s tradition,  where is saved old Slavic culture and philosophy. The root of Slavic culture (included fight & dance) comes from Vedic culture. I am lucky, that could learn Cossack’s culture from masters as Georgy Funtikov (Егор Гамаюн), Sergey Makarov, Vladimir Kurovskij and A.V. Černikov.

Chi Kung

As an open-minded mover, I have to work with every aspect of movements which working systematically. Therefore I’ve added to my System of motion aspects with which mastering functional Chi Kung / Qigong   I Liq Chuan (Martial Art of Awareness) , GM Sam Chin’s way Zhang Xin Dao. Next to Grand Master, I learn from Sifu Joshua Craig and Sifu Alex Skalozub.

Grand Master Sam Chin is teaching Tibi I Liq Chuan – Zhang Xin Dao (functional Chi Kung).

Massage & Physiotherapy

The desire to make my body more efficient means I am a regular on the massage couch as a patient. After years I took a course and became a professional massage therapist.

However just a course didn’t make me a good massage therapist, I continue to learn and now have 15 years of practice and experience..

I love this job for freeing people from pain and tension.

It’s also allowed me to develop my feeling and helps me to better understand the human body from different perspectives.

The system based also on modern progressive physiology developed by scientific methods.

Exploration of our movements brought me a few years ago to a Tom Myers book: Anatomy Trains. This book massively changed my perception of our movements. It helped me to see the whole human body much more holistically. Instead of separated muscles, I see the united body, with a myofascial network across the whole of it.

Therefore I attended a course ‘Anatomy Trains in Motion’ made by Tom Myer and Karin Gurtner.

For us, movers are important to understanding how the human body – tensegrity works in motion; how moving patterns affect your body and vice versa – how any unbalance of your body affects your movements.

The new perception of the body helped me to better understand body mechanics as a martial artist & a dancer. It’s also helping me diagnose the problem of my massage therapy patients.

Dance & Play-fight

I love Dance! I grew up on Hip hop and Break-dance.
Since I tried Bruno Caverna’s Play-fight, I really enjoy expressing myself at Contact Improvisation.
If there’s any chance, I love dancing in clubs, however, I am often just dancing at home… And of course, I dance when I practice Martial Arts.
In my opinion, every movement has done smoothly and with elegance, we can call ‘dance’.

Martial Arts

I’ve always been active- gymnastics, athletics, swimming, cycling, skiing, football, tennis, basketball, & many others.
When I was about 11 years old I fell in love with Martial Arts (MA) and I found Goju Riu Karate.

I then started to train in Kick-boxing, classic Boxing and Thai boxing.
As part of the Slovakian National Kickboxing Team, in 2000 I became the Slovakian Kick-boxing champion.
I was also selected for the Slovakian National Karate Team and in 2002 I was the Karate Champion.

Then I found Ip Man Leung Ting  Wing Tsun Kung Fu and during my first contact with a master, I realise that hardness doesn’t work with liquid (internal systems).
What I experienced was that he was going through my defences like a knife through butter and after the last 16 years of hard training I couldn’t ignore this fact. As easily as water behaves when it encounters something hard, it just flows around it.
I became a student of Sifu Richard Kapalko, and other masters in Wing Tsun: Dai-Sifu Oliver Konig & GM Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht.
In 2005 moved to the UK, and continue to study Wing Tsun to this day with the highly experienced Master Andrew Cameron.

To experience different MA, I have also trained in Escrima (Master Bill Newman), Aikido, Taekwondo, BJJ, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, and Wrestling amongst others.

My strategy is to learn with an open mind, learning skills from every source of MA. Aiming for permanent progress-tomorrow I want to be better than today.


I am also a therapist/instructor at a Slavic tool called a Pravilo. Translated into English it would mean ‘Corrector’ or ‘Adjuster’.
Pravilo holistically stretches all of your myofascial tracks across your body like nothing else!
Pravilo also strengthens us in unique ways
The Pravilo pulls from every corner equally, so if you have an imbalance in your body it will naturally balance your body.
Our bodies naturally shrink and crystalise. The Pravilo slow this process down, or even reverses it. It expands you. It opens our bodies and increases the flow of Jang energy.

Real experience

I’ve developed a practical understanding of hand-to-hand combat and street-fighting situations as I have worked as a bouncer/doorman for over 15 years. I still work as a doorman from time to time to ensure my techniques have real-world applicability.

Tibi as security for Tom Zanetti

True colour in the Dark Room

12 days of Dark Room Therapy has definitely been the most amazing experience of my life.
It has shown me a reason to be better.
It has shown me a reason not to drink alcohol, not to eat meat anymore,  to walk barefoot, etc.
It has initiated a positive domino effect that has redirected my life in a much better direction..



The synergy of knowledge and experience

I have been studying Védic culture from the master Jan Kozak (philosopher, translator from Sanskrit).

Receiving Dharma especially from the master Lumir Laska.

Next, to mention, I am studying the Wim Hof method,  classic Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais etc.

With an open mind, I study a variety of different concepts, doing brainstorming with specialist …

The result of analysis of all aspects are principles which makes one consistent holistic picture of our movement, of our life…

Veda – Synergised Knowledge

After Petr Fridrich’s ‘Laughing Yoga’ I am smiling nearly nonstop and much more!