Thursdays 11.00 pm – 12.15 pm GMT

We aim to understand better, feel and be aware of our BodyMind and Spirit.

We analyse related aspects to gain a clear understanding of how they operate.
Then, we study how they are related to one Holistic picture of Expanding Life.

For: movers – martial artists, dancers, yogis and everybody who wants to be fitter, smoother and better…

Donations (ideally around £9 per training or £30 monthly).

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Account no.: 53887820
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Contact Tibi about online private lessons.
Mobile/Whatsapp / Telegram: 00447788538272


Explore a fundamental aspect of our being and actually of the entire universe.

This aspect is comprised of two opposite qualities:

become or make larger or more extensive

make something denser or more concentrated

Expansion and condensing happen everywhere and all the time.
It affects all of us, whether we are aware of it.
But let me assure you that conscious work will open new dimensions of freedom and expression for you.


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Tibi Moravcik

I am analysing relevant aspects of movement and synthesising them into one holistic picture.
I synergise knowledge from Martial Arts, Dance, Physiotherapy, Chi Kung and many other sources…

Cocreator of Veda
Instructor of Russian Systema
Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu
Physio & Massage Therapist
Pravilo therapist
Karate Champion of Slovakia, 2002
Kick Boxing Champion of Slovakia, 2000
Co-creator of  System of motion
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