Expanding Life – London Bridge

Wednesdays 7 pm – 8.30 pm

Training is outdoors in Leathermarket Gardens, close to Bermondsey Village Hall

Life manifests itself through movement.
We are expanding our awareness, mind and bodies through movements.
We are loving awareness.
We deeply feel aspects of our movements.
We flow, play and contact improvise with others.


More about our sessions: Expanding Life, Liquid PowerVeda

‘I have been studying Martial Arts my whole life when I realised that I don’t want people to teach fighting…
I want to help them to flow and be aware of being.’

Tibi Moravcik

Contact Tibi:
07788 538 272


Donations (ideally around £15 per training or £40 monthly).

Bank details:
Sort Code: 20 – 88 – 13
Account no.: 53887820
Barclays Bank UK PLC

PayPal/email: wtibor@yahoo.co.uk

Contact Tibi about online private lessons.
mobile /Whatsapp / Telegram: 00447788538272





Why do we train outdoors?

Vitalizing activity as Chi Kung, Tai Chi or Systema should be trained outdoors.
Trying to increase vital energy (often called chi, ki prana, or živa) indoors is like having a shower under an umbrella or installing solar panels in the house instead of on the roof?
A roof protects us from rain and wind and vital energy.
Fresh air with more oxygen is essential for higher brain and muscle performance.
Rain or wind does not kill us – it makes us stronger.
How can I believe in myself if I am not strong enough to cope with wind, rain or cold?! :O
Go out of your comfort zone. Problems in life or pain improve our willpower and self-confidence.
E.g. I love riding my bike against the wind and snow during the winter. I ask myself: ‘Could the weather stop me?’.
We train in nature, not in a comfy gym, to get more energy and fresh air and release the daily stress.