Accept or Resist


by Tibi Moravcik

How does it work?

Our reactions when our mind recognises any impulse:
a) resist
b) escape
c) accept, let the power move the body.

Resistance is a typical answer to impulse as a push or pull.
If something scares us, we can subconsciously escape (e.g. some insects or reptiles).
There are also other reactions – accept. So, I do not resist the power of impulse, but use that kinetic energy for my motion.
To accept is not a reaction. It’s a different stand of body and mind. It’s not such easy to accept it.

There are many ways how power could affect the body, depending on the quality of the body.
A stiff, solid body reacts differently than a soft body.
Some joints can be solid to transfer the power, and others could be soft and let the power move joins.
By preparing different combinations of internal quality of your structure, you can choose how coming power will move you.
On a higher level of awareness, you can be a programmer of a path for power.

Resistance is a passive solution. This attitude usually creates stress and pain.
It’s much more efficient and fun to flow with power…

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