Inner Fire

Inner Fire – Vital energy 

Zhiva – Жива – Kundalini – Chi – Qi  


by Tibi Moravcik


Inner Fire is the power that lifts us every morning from the bed against the gravitational force.
Different cultures call this vital energy of life differently… The Chinese call it Chi or Qi, Indian Kundalini; in Slavic culture, it is called Zhiva (Živa / Жива “zhiv” = alive; “zhivot” = life).
In English, I prefer to use the word ‘Fire‘, because it evokes quality and helps us visualise this power…

From a chemical point of view, every cell of our bodies has a small burning fire. We call this process cellular respiration. During cellular respiration, cells use oxygen to break down sugar. Breaking down sugar produces the energy your body needs. So you have trillions of small fires in your body.



Let’s have a look at the involved aspects of your Inner Fire…



Space – Expand


The expanded body has more Inner Fire than the condensed.

Expansion and condensing happen everywhere and all the time.
It affects all of us, whether we are aware of it or not.
But let me assure you that awareness of this aspect in any part of being will open new dimensions of understanding and freedom for you.



Without gravity, hot air expands but doesn’t move upward.


In the Chinese way, we can expand yang tissue and condense yin tissues to make a circle of these energies.



Spark of Spirit

The Inner Fire has to be lit.
Spirit, Soul, Puruṣha light our Inner Fire, and God – call it as you want.
A nicer, cheerful heart full of love makes a nicer Spark for your Inner Fire.



Inner Fire flows better through an open, expanded, relaxed, straight body.




When we try to ‘straighten up’, we often do so like a tree: stiff and solid. So, it is not a good idea to copy the quality of wood.
It’s healthy to have a liquid quality in the body.
Later on, we want to be even smoother; we want to uplift as Fire.

The Inner Fire lifts us like fire lifts hot balloons. So we can hag on the inner fire, which makes us lighter.

The Inner Fire is lifting us, and we wave with our bodies as the wind waves a flag…


A relaxed, flowing body posture directly affects your emotions. You will believe in yourself- your feelings, see your life more positively, etc.
We don’t need to exert extraordinary effort; we relax and let the Inner Fire create our postures.
We can feel how the Inner Fire lifts our bodies if we are sensitive.
A better position increases Inner Fire, pulling you up more…


This video explains how Inner Fire creates our posture:


We tend to hang down on the skeleton passively;

A collapsed position causes deformation of our posture and is often a cause of a backache. In a collapsed position, the flow of the Inner Fire is restricted – we have less vital energy – Inner Fire, we trust ourselves less, we are ‘down’.



In a hanging position, via a screwed body, we are like a fireplace with a blocked chimney. A good chimney creates a draft to pull the Inner Fire upwards. Therefore, we have to keep a nice, straight, but relaxed position. The Inner Fire flows much nicely and smoothly via the nice straight body.

Also, undesirable tension restricts not just our movements; it restricts the floating of Inner Fire. Tension makes our ‘chimney’ narrower.
It’s also good to regularly clean your tissue from toxins by massage.




Next to mentioned digestion, undesirable tension is one of the biggest consumers of our vital energy.
The Inner Fire likes a relaxed, expanded body and mind.
Therefore it is good to be aware of the tension to be relaxed.

Active and dynamic motion as a sport, dance or martial art uses your vital energy, but the next day gives you even more. So, sport, from a longer perspective, charges you with vital energy and increases the quality and capacity of your vital energy.

A relaxed tissue can wave and efficiently work with the flow of kinetic energy.



Fire needs oxygen. Therefore it is crucial to breathe correctly to have proper Inner Fire – good vital energy.

Free breathing – breathing that is not restricted and interrupted by undesirable tension makes you feel younger and live a higher quality of life!
I can recommend spending as much time outdoors in nature.
We breathe better during sports, dance or other dynamic activities.


Deep, proper breathing aerates your Inner Fire in a similar way as blowing into your Inner Fire aerates it.




Having good quality healthy food is essential to have a high-level Inner Fire.

Too much food burdens your digestive system and consumes a lot of Inner Fire. Directions could consume even 70% of your vital energy.
I recommended having an empty stomach for the high level of Inner Fire. I have the most Inner Fire after 4-7 days of fasting.


Emotions and Inner Fire

Let’s have a look at our emotions from the perspective of Inner Fire, tension and expansion/condense:

Happiness. The whole spectrum of Inner Fire and tension can be very low or very high. The person is usually relaxed and expands in every direction.

Interest is an emotion with a lot of Inner Fire. We expand to the sky or the object of interest,

Anger. The body is full of Inner Fire. The energy of Inner Fire is usually suppressed, condensed by tension. It can be realised and shot to the object of anger.

Sadness usually accompanies a low level of Inner Fire. The body is typically relaxed and condensed. However, if it’s somebody very sad can have a bit more Inner Fire and be tense.

Fear is very condensing and tense, usually with less Inner Fire.

Disgust usually comes with small Inner Fire, condense and tension.

A positive surprise is full of Inner Fire, very expanding and tense.

Negative surprise has a lower level of Inner Fire, which is very condensing and tense.



The Sun’s and Sky’s energy

The Sun is the crucial source of energy on this planet. Fossil fuel is just a kind of conservation of the Sun’s energy.
In the spring, when the Sun comes back, we can see how it affects nature and increases life.
A similar effect (but a bit weaker), also has other stars, which spread their energy to the whole Universe.
Some people say that Sky’s energy is bull shit, that it doesn’t exist. So, what charges our solar panels, then..?

How to receive the Sun’s energy?
Free from your clothes (as much as possible), turn towards the Sun and expand. Don’t forget to expand your vision – turn to peripheral vision.
It helps to visualise that you inhale the Sun’s / Sky’s energy, and exhaling, the energy flows to the Earth…


Pravilo – device to expand



 Bare Feet

We should bear in mind the earthing (also known as the grounding) of the electromagnetic energy which flows from the Sun and the whole Universe.
We are walking bare feet for the same reason why electricians wear rubber boots.

The electromagnetic energy flows:
a) freely from the head via the whole body and feet to the Earth. Earthing protects us from free radicals.
b) from the head via the entire body and feet where meet the rubber isolation, get stock turns back and make an electromagnetic mess in your body (it created free radicals).


Aspects of movement