Play-fight Tuscany 2017

My friend Bruno Caverna​, invited me and Rob Poyton to teach Systema on his Play-fight camp in Tuscany Italy.
Play-fight is a concept based on similar philosophy than Russian Systema – learn by playing. It is a interesting mix of Systema, Capoeira and contact improvisation (contemporary dance).

I share my experience with inner fire, bodywave, focus and diffuse awareness, which is linked with active & passive movement…

I take a lot of new impulses from a group of nice, creative and sensitive people. For example I noticed how important is an emotional connection. I also found that, I can be happy and vital without meat. Thank you all.

Play-fight it’s fun, you can learn a lot useful things of movement (applicable for fight or dance) in safe and friendly atmosphere. I must to recommend it. I love it. Bruno’s inspired me to do my ‘Dancefight’, concept where I mix my Systema, Kung fu, Break dance to new kind of specific contact improvisation…

Thank you Marina Sekacheva​ for lovely pictures.